Vehicle Wraps

Its a Wrap!

Many people know that Shark is in demand to do a LOT of commercial or fleet vehicle wraps. But as co-owner Dylan likes to point out, more and more people are getting vehicle wraps on their own personal car, truck or SUV.

Business Commercial Wraps

For a businesses it’s pretty much a "no brainer", since vehicle wraps turn your ride into a moving billboard, carrying your brand and your message wherever you go. The covering can even protect your paint, meaning that if you remove the materials from a vehicle that was wrapped when it was new, it’s paint will be in virtually the same pristine condition as when you covered it. That’s a great resale value for fleets that use vehicles for a couple of years at a time, then sell them.

Individual/Personal Wraps

For personal wrap projects, more and more people are coming to Shark to simply give their own car a complete facelift. You can cover your car from end to end, for less than a new paint job. And if you prefer a "wild" colour that suits you, get it! Of course, you can remove it to show the more traditional colour the car originally came with, for quicker re-sale.

Also popular are accent pieces, carbon fibre hood accents, matte black hoods or trunks and a myriad of other options.

Some accent packages can start as low as $200! Obviously, partial or full vehicle coverage pricing will be impacted by the overall size of the job and the size of the call Shark today to discuss your vehicle wrap needs.